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...gets a new meaning once you discover CROCTALES

Cartoon or picture book?

Is CROCTALES a cartoon or picture book? You tell us! Some people say picture books are for kids only - not us. On the other hand, most modern day comic strips are not exactly "family-friendly" - a lot of them are down right disgusting and/or rude. This is where CROCTALES comes in. 

CROCTALES - Let's Croc! has the innocence and simplicity of a picture book mixed with fun cartoon-characteristics for the more sophisticated reader. And the good part: you don't have to hide it from the kids.

CROCTALES - Let's Croc! is also about taking pleasure in the simple things of life.

So, what are you waiting for??!? Let's Croc!

Just click on any of the links on top or the left side of your screen and let the fun begin.

CROCTALES - the fastest cartoon.... SUPERSONIC!!!


you can't hear us, when you see us                             .....still waiting for that ......SONIC BOOM

Oh, yeah.... one more thing:  CROCTALES is not, what we call a "fast-food cartoon". You don't just consume it. You have to look closely and figure out the story behind each and every picture by yourself. Of course there are hints (signs, subtitles) but keep these things in mind:

1. Ducks can('t) spell.... go figure...

2. CROCTALES pictures are drawn by a retired attorney. So look for twisted words and double-meanings.

3. Some pictures just show scenes of South Florida living for you to ENJOY

Sometimes you have to read between the lines

 Let's Croc!

here's a frugal t(r)ip for your vacation ....

SALE-ing the Coupon Clipper.....

 For the new "Alien" version of CROCTALES®  - Let's Croc! check out CROCTALES® go German


The following  information is rated D = Duckling

tale = story, Croc = (keep reading and you‘ll see)

Croc and his friends live on the sunny beaches of South Florida where they have fun come rain or sun.

Each picture tells a little story and if you look closely you might discover there‘s more to CROCTALES than just cute drawings. You'll figure it out, just take a close look and always remember the pictures were drawn by a (retired) lawyer, who is bound to twist words and meanings....

So why is an alligator called Croc? There's a simple explanation: When the four little ducklings first met the alligator they didn't know a lot of words, let alone the difference between an alligator and a crocodile. As hard as they tried – whatever they said it sounded like quack or Croc so the name stuck. They never managed to say his full name; which is Francis the Friendly Alligator.

Of course over time they learned a lot of words and how to tell a crocodile from an alligator by looking at the snout – from a safe distance. The snout of an alligator is rounded. A crocodile‘s snout is pointed and even when the mouth is closed you can see the crocodile‘s sharp teeth. Now, take a good look at Croc… do you see any teeth or a pointed snout?

Right – nothing like it because Croc is an alligator. Usually alligators are just as dangerous as crocodiles. But not our pal Croc. He is different. He eats bagels, fruit and most of all he loves cookies and doughnuts. So do his little friends; they share everything, including their love for word games.

One last thing: ducks can('t) spell but you‘ll figure that out yourself, soon.

designing a 3 carrot necklace - your perfect gift

 Even Croc needs some time off during the hot and humid summers in Florida

- but I still get a "postcard" by bear-mail from Croc and his pals

every now and then while we  enjoy our summers overseas.     


prepare for

hurricane season

Since their first appearance the CROCTALES comics have moved from the back of my Dilbert calendar to notepads and now sketch books. Most of the stories reflect our daily life, stuff that's going on with or around us. But sometimes the ink runs away and our little friends develop a life of their own - you never know what they are up to next!


You've heard about a cat scan...

but a duck-scan?!?

It's not easy to scan a "sharp" duck...

Believe me I've tried - so far more than 2,000 CROCTALES pictures have been scanned and about 800 of them digitally remastered and colored.

Drawn with an old fashioned fountain-pen there is no room for second thoughts.

There are no mistakes! .....

                        Croc's Motto:

      Take pleasure in the simple things of life

like our CROCTALES yacht

Croc & friends at the Beach now with their very own Web Site
Croc:         Mr. Croc
Ducks:   Ducklings
Mouse: Sorry, the Cookie-Mouse has gone into hiding
we don't twitter - we quack

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